Commitment To You

Interactive Buzz, LLC. is the premiere provider of the most innovative advertising media in the new age of Web 2.0 and beyond.  Our goal is to offer businesses of various skills, technology, and marketing expertise an ability to touch influencers with conversational and interactive messages throughout all Social Media platforms.  We accomplish our goals in a transparent approach to enhance brand awareness and recognition that drives profitability and growth on all fronts.

Why A "Market Advocate" And Not A "Brand Ambassador"?

Market Advocates are so named because they are, in fact, representing not only our clients and brands, but also the interest and enthusiasm of the market Influencers.  Our Market Advocates push messages out, but can also present you with golden feedback directly from the Internet Marketplace.


Market Advocates Selection Criteria               At Interactive Buzz, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience as we train and manage our teams of Market Advocates.  Market Advocate selection is based on the following:  a) Existing community participation, b) Knowledge and passion for the brand, c) Understanding of the target demographic from a behavioral and lifestyle point of view, d) Online competency and responsibility for Social Media environments, and e) Ability to engage and develop rapport within the relevant online communities.