DPD: Design, Produce, DeploySM

Interactive Buzz has developed a unique approach to activating your Social Media strategies.  Our DPD: Design, Produce, DeploySM allows our Market Advocates to manage the Deployment of various Social Media campaign elements, properties and assets, such as, message points, video, or widgets.


Exclusive Policy Based Activation Application

Interactive Buzz has an exclusive policy based application that fully supports a standard of excellence at all times throughout your Social Media campaign.  Our program offers a level of control and tracking from the level of a Market Advocate up to our managerial team.  In our next release, our clients will have the opportunity to securely access various status and dashboard results.


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Creating A Superb Social Media Campaign. The Interactive Buzz DPD: Design, Produce, DeploySM process is a unique building block approach which segments each category of the Social Media strategy to maximize integration with any existing traditional media or alternative interactive campaign elements..

Core Market Advocate Teams.

Our Market Advocate teams are divided into two groups.  The first is our Core Market Advocate Team.  This team is comprised of experienced and well-trained Market Advocates who oftentimes act in the role of supervisorial team leads.  They are skilled in managing various Social Media platforms.

Specialty Market Advocate Teams.

Beyond our team of Core Market Advocates it becomes necessary at times to bring aboard a customized group of subject matter experts uniquely hired based on the specific campaign objectives and requirements.  Our Specialty Market Advocate Teams are passionate Influencers in their own right and spread their enthusiasm across Social Media platforms.


Social Media Activation

Successful Word of Mouth Marketing campaigns that span Social Media platforms are always better with at least one piece of CAKE:

  • lCompelling - Produce a discussion that tugs at the economic, social or personal aspect of the Influencer and draws them closer to the brand.
  • lAction -  Influencers have a fleeting opportunity to become part of a short lived call-to-action that's significant and targets the demographic.
  • lKnowledge - When conversing with Influencers, speak from a point of knowledge of benefits by providing interesting and moving little known facts that are unique to the brand experience and the campaign.
  • lExcitement - Influencers feel a rare sense of touching the Source that offers a sense of confidence and increases pass-along rates to friends.
The conversations that have the widest viral distribution have these characteristics, but even with only one or two you'll get more distribution than if the campaign does not have any of these elements. In niche markets, you'll also see interest from fans and bloggers who may be motivated specifically by the topic.